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  雅思口语Part 1

  Foreign Food

  Have you ever tried foreign food?


  Yeah, there are a lot of foreign restaurants in my neighborhood, and I visit the Japanese and Spanish restaurants very often since I’m very into seafood.

  Do you like to try new food?


  Yes, I always like to try something new and different, such as creative diet or foreign food. And on most occasions I find these cuisines very tasty.

  What kinds of foreign food are popular in your country?


  Oh there are too many. For instance, French food, Italian food and Spanish food. But I think the most popular one is Japanese food. You can find sushi restaurant and ramen restaurant in almost every city in China.

  What kinds of foreign food have you tried recently?


  I recently tried squid when I was in Japan. The fresh firefly squid was dressed in squid ink to enhance its umami flavor. Honestly speaking, it was too salty for me.


  Part 2 题目 1

  Describe an unusual meal you had.

  You should say

  what the food is

  what it is made of

  and explain why you think it is unusual





  Theunusual meal I’d like to talk about is the one I had in Japan. I travelled to Japan with my friend last month, and we ran intoa small roadside restaurant. What surprised us was that they prepared an English menu for foreign guests, which was very kind and friendly. We ordered some ordinary dishes like sushi, sashimi. Suddenly I found something new and interesting, at least we had never tried before, which was squid, or you can call it cuttlefish. And we decided to give it a go.

  It was actually a kind of snack, the fresh firefly squid was dressed in squid ink to enhance its umami flavor. And the toppingwas some kind of ediblegold-leaf.

  The reason I found the meal unusual was that the firefly squid looked completely black on the menu. Usually cuisinesare made in bright colours in order to draw customers’ attention, but this one was quite the opposite. And the taste was unusual as well. As I hadn’t had cuttlefish before, I didn’t know the original taste, this one was extremely salty. Even we had it with rice, it was too salty for us to finish it all. But anyway it was a nice try.


  ①run into: 词组;偶然遇到

  Eg:He ran into Krettner in the corridor a few minutes later.

  ②topping: 名词;糕点上的装饰配料

  Eg:I really like this butter-flavored topping.

  ③edible: 形容词;可食用的

  Eg:I thought it was not edible, but actually it was unsurprisinglydelicious.

  ④cuisine: 名词;烹饪,菜肴,菜系

  Eg:Foodies are intrigued by the localcuisine- the bread, cheese and sweets found only here.

  Part 3

  1. Can you tell me the most impressive meal you have ever eaten?


  Theone I had in Chongqing was quite impressive. It was an authentichotpot restaurant. And the pot was divided into 9 grids so that you can put different ingredients into different grids and eat them at the same time. Although it was super spicy, it was scrumptious indeed.


  ①authentic: 常用表达;我认为,我觉得,在我看来

  Eg:After quite a few hamburgers, a girl convinced me to try anauthenticItalian dinner.

  ②scrumptious: 形容词;美味的,极好的

  Eg:We had a scrumptious stir-fry, loaded with freshly picked veggies.

  2. Do you often have meals with your friends or family?


  I have meals with my friends almost every day. We’ll go to some small canteens near campus after class. But I seldom have meals with my family.Because I’m studying in another city right now, so I don’t have many chances to go back home. The only time I can reunitewith them is the Spring Festival. I really miss them.


  ①canteen: 名词;食堂,小卖部,餐厅

  Eg:They are often even obliged to pay more for meals at the company canteen.

  ②reunite: 动词;重聚,团聚

  Eg:The family's attorney said the parents weren't given the chance to reunite with their daughter.

  3. Why do some people seem to enjoy eating out a lot?


  On one hand the food served in a restaurant can be very delicious, especially when you go to some famous restaurants with distinguishedchefs, it can be a pleasant feast. On the other hand, eating out is a kind of social event. It’s a great opportunity to meet up withfriends and have fun together.


  ①distinguished: 形容词;著名的,卓越的

  Eg:"Being Bond" profiles the six distinguished actors that have had the honor of portraying 007.

  ②meet up with: 词组;见面

  Eg:In her spare time, she likes to dance and sing in her bedroom, meet up with friends and mess around on her computer.




  You should spend 20 minutes on this task.

  The chart and table show the population size and life expectancy ofthree countries.

  Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

  Write at least 150 words.

  Life expectancy(Years)



















  The bar chart and table illustratethe amount of population and life expectancy in 1950 and 2000 of three countries, with their future forecast for the year 2025. Overall, it can be observed thatboth population and life expectancy are on the rise.

  It is obvious thatChina had the largest population of a little over400 million at the start. It then soaredto 1200 million in 2000 and is likely to show a continuous climbto exceed1600 million in 2025. The year 1950 sawa relatively similar population size in both USA and Spain, at roughly100 million. The US experienced a risein 2000, with its population nearlytripled in 2000.It is predicted thatUS population will continue to increasein 2025, reaching 380 million. Population in Spain is the all-time minimum, hoveringaround a little less than100 million in three distinctive years.

  China narrowed its life expectancy gap noticeably, from the lowest level of 40.2 years old in 1950 to 1.5 times of that in 2000. Spain and US took turnsto be the first in 1950 and 2000, with the incrementof US 5 times that of Spain. In the future, all three countries are inclined to approach around80, with Spain the leading one, followed by US and China.

  Word count: 216


  ①illustrate: v. 描述

  ②It is observed / predicted/ obvious that…

  ③soar: v. 猛增

  ④see: v. 见证

  ⑤incrementn. 增量

  ⑥narrow the gap v.phr. 缩小差距

  ⑦take turn v.phr. 轮流



  题目:Children are facing educational, social and commercial pressures. What arethe causes of these pressures? What measures should be taken to reduce them?





  Children nowadays, compared with their counterpartsa few decades ago, care-freethough they may be in regard to material lives, are patently not happier, as the pressures they are experiencing in different aspects become much more severe. I believe both the government and family should take responsibilities for this trend.

  To begin with, the government should be blamed on its benign neglectof low social mobility. It is reckoned that we are now in a much more rigid class structure, where a minority of people get hold of the major resources and opportunities, leaving few choices for the lower classes. Therefore children are influenced implicitly or explicitly by schools and communities that they must work hard to earn their own place in society since they are not the ones with built-in advantages. The school children go to, the friends children make and even the clothes you wear not only show children status at present, but also indicate their future prospect, and thus resulting in unprecedented pressure on them. Besides, some parents are inclined to treat their children as the duplicates of themselves and eager to see their youngsters' success out of personal vanity, which also bears children with more stress.

  As for thesolutions to address the issue, the states' policy-makers should foresee the disastrous consequence of wealth polarisationand try to narrow down the gap between the rich and poor. If income is fairly distributed and all jobs treated in equal respect, people would not be so anxious about finding a way out for their children and the pressure would naturally be diminished. But unfortunately this will surely take a long time to execute, so proper parental guidance seems more significant in this case. Parents should realise their children as unique individuals and set reasonable goals in accordance with their own wills. There is no need to strive to become number one since life is no race, rather it has many more possibilities. If children are taught like this, they will suffer less stress and enjoy the challenges more.

  To sum up,the pressure children are burdened with can be attributed to both the government and parents. Though an overall change in wealth distribution is hard to achieve immediately, family members can help to reduce the stress with a different attitude.


  ①counterparts: n. 同伴,同类

  ②care-free: adj.无忧无虑的

  ③benign neglect 不作为

  ④rigid class structure 阶级固化

  ⑤built-in advantages与生俱来的优势

  ⑥wealth polarisation…贫富两极化

  ⑦execute: v. 执行



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