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  work force劳动力;受雇用的人 work load工作负荷

  work place工作场所;工作岗位

  low productivity(低)生产率-There have been enormous increases in agricultural productivity. staff

  competition竞争,角逐-Competition among youths to enter the best colleges is intense. isolation隔离;孤立;脱离-His older sister had been taken off to the isolation ward. safety regulations安全规则,安全规章,安全制度

  advertisement广告,宣传-Advertisement helps to sell goods.

  poster招贴,海报,广告(画);布告-They put up posters all round the town advertising the circus. vacant position (职位)空缺的-That position remains vacant. applicant申请There were five applicants for the position. job interview面试 eye contact目光接触 Personnel Officer

  photographer摄影师,照相师-He is a photographer for life magazine. journalist新闻工作者,新闻记者;报人

  reporter报告人,申报人-The reporter was interrogated again.

  manager (商店,公司等的)负责人;主任,经理-He is a store manager. servant仆人,佣人,雇工-The millionaire kept 39 servants.

  assistant助手,助理;助教;店员-He worked as an assistant to the President. secretary秘书-Mary is private secretary to the company chairman. engineer工程师,技师

  editor编辑;(报刊专栏的)主笔-My sister is an editor for a local newspaper. author作者;作家-Mark Twain is his favorite author. specialist专家;专科医生-an eye specialist

  professional很内行的;极称职的;高水平的-a highly professional administrator scientist科学家;自然科学家 researcher研究员;调查者

  designer设计者;构思者;时装设计师-a scene designer craftsman工匠;技工;巧匠;工艺师 fisherman渔人,渔夫


  restaurant waitress餐厅女服务员,女侍者 day shift日班

  shift work换班工作/倒班

  dangerous危险的;不安全的;招致危险的-Shooting off firecrackers can be dangerous. serve customers侍候(顾客等);供应(饭菜);端上-She served me a cup of coffee. performance at work 工作表现 routine work日常工作

  emotion感情,情感-Love, hatred, and grief are emotions. mood心情,心境,情绪-I am not in the mood to argue. arm/name badge臂章/名字牌 low income 低收入 average ability普通能力

  excellent出色的;杰出的;优等的-He is excellent in mathematics. strike打,击,攻击-He was struck by lightning.

  salary薪资,薪水-He finally got a job in a company paying good salaries. wage薪水;报酬-His wages are three hundred dollars a week. tax税;税金-Every citizen must pay taxes.

  commission佣金-He gets a 10% commission on everything he sells.

  duration (时间的)持续,持久;持续期间-The duration of the examination is three hours. challenging有挑战性的,要求高的

  improvement改进,改善;增进-I cannot see any improvement in your writing.

  innovation革新,改革,创新-The innovation of air travel during this century has made the world seem smaller. creativity创造力 career plan 职业计划

  promotion提升,晋级/推销运动-They're planning a big promotion for their new washing powder. satisfaction满意,满足;称心-He smiled in satisfaction when he won the race.

  opportunity机会;良机-There may be an opportunity for you to see the chairman of the board tomorrow. training训练;锻炼,培养-She was given some quick training at the vocational school.

  full-time job全日工作单位 part-time job兼职工作 staff advantages 员工优势

  colleague同事,同僚,同行-Marlin is getting along very well with his colleagues. responsibility责任-A little child does not feel much responsibility. strict control of products严格控制产品

  products distribution/delivery 产品分配/运送 -They could not agree about the distribution of the profits. make decisions 做决定 Cashier出纳,出纳员


  cameraman摄影师;摄影记者-My younger brother has always wanted to be a cameraman.

  professional knowledge专业知识

  enthusiasm热心,热情,热忱-The proposal was greeted with great enthusiasm. full of adventures

  sense of achievement成就感 sense of satisfaction 满足感

  work irregular hours无规律的工作时间-The trains from here are irregular. random selection随机选择

  brief CV Curriculum Vitae履历(书);简历

  layout安排;设计;布局-Their house has a good layout. typed类型化的/打字 contact number 联系电话 social skills 社交能力 gender 性别 height 身高 weight 体重

  work experience 工作经验

  unemployed失业的,无工作的-The government ought to create more jobs for unemployed people. self-employment自己经营,自己开业 retired 退休

  education background 学历背景

  personality人格,品格-His personality left a deep impression on us. self-centered自我中心的,利己主义的

  sweater/jumper 套衫/毛线衣;(厚)运动衫-She wore a sweater and

  reliable可信赖的;可靠的;确实的-I found this to be a reliable brand of washing machines. good relationship 良好关系 dress code着装要求 short hair 短发 long hair 长发 curly hair 卷发 straight hair 直发 brown hair 棕发 blond hair 金发

  beard下巴上的)胡须,山羊胡-The man with a beard looks familiar. moustache髭;八字须

  scar疤;伤痕;(物品等的)损伤痕-The region we visited showed the scars of the civil war. loose clothes松的,宽的;松散的-She wore loose garments in the summer. comfortable clothes使人舒服的,舒适的-a comfortable climate tight clothes紧身的,紧贴的-The shoes are too tight for me. formal dress礼服

  fancy dress化装服装;舞蹈服 casual dress 休闲服

  leisure闲暇,空暇时间-I have no leisure for playing cards.

  entertainment娱乐,消遣-This law applies to all places of public entertainment. recreation消遣;娱乐,游戏-I regard reading as a form of recreation. suit and tie 西装领带 high heels 高根鞋 flat shoes 平底鞋


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